2020 Rules for the Amazing Race for Charity

April 4, 2020 in Eustis, Florida


To be announced.

Your packet will include pre-race instructions, two bib numbers and two shirts. You may pick up other teams’ packets for them.

Unfortunately, there is NO RACE DAY packet pick-up, unless your team is from more than 25 miles from Eustis.

If you are traveling farther than 25 miles, you MUST ARRIVE at least 45 minutes early on race day to pick up your race packet at the registration/information desk in Ferran Park. The best address for GPS systems is 50 Ferran Park Drive, Eustis, Florida 32726.

Each team member must wear a bib number on race day and it must be visible to us at all times. Pin the bib to your front of your race shirt, which must be worn on race day. Make sure you confirm your start time on the back of your bib number.

Everyone must check in at least 30 minutes prior to your start time at the following location:  To be announced, Eustis, Florida 32726.

Proceed to Downtown Eustis and park in any of the public parking areas. If you do not yet have your packet, you may report to the Registration Tent in Ferran Park for check-in. If you already have your packet, you can proceed to the Starting Line.  Location to be announced.

At least 15 minutes before your start time, please proceed to the starting line.

Race t-shirts, with bib numbers pinned on front, MUST be worn by all participants on race day. Your shoes will likely take a beating, so don't wear those brand new $100 Nikes. Don’t forget your sense of humor! The race is, above all else, really really fun!

You must have an ID with you to drink beer. If you check in at the beer tent when you arrive and get a wristband showing you have been ID'd, you can stow your ID in your car so you don't have to carry it through the race. Also, you can retrieve your ID after the race and get carded for beer. Either way you choose, you will be required to show ID to receive beer.

When you finish the race, report to the photo booth to receive a print of your free starting line photo.   

Your bib will include your drink and food tickets.  Your drink tickets are redeemable at the beer tent or for non-alcoholic beverages. Your food tickets will entitle each team member to a meal.   If you have requested a vegetarian meal, you will need to make sure your bib ticket indicates this option.  We will only have as many vegetarian meals as have been ordered by racers.

An ideal location for family and spectators is the race start area as many challenges are close. The race course map will be published and distributed a week before the race at race packet pickup.  Give the map to family and friends so they can pick out places to watch you. The map will also be available on our website.

At the starting line, you will be ordered by your starting time. 3 to 4 teams will start every minute, beginning at 8:30 am.

NO ROADS WILL BE CLOSED FOR THE RACE. Please stay on the sidewalk and obey all signals from police officers and crossing guards. Please cross only at a signal or stoplight.

The course may have steep sections or rough, rocky terrain. Please GO SLOW and watch your footing.

You must obey all orders given by Law Enforcement, safety personnel and volunteers wearing race-provided t-shirts.

Pay attention to signs along the race course. Some of them may feature interesting facts that you will want to remember. Others will tell you where you must WALK SAFELY and NOT RUN.

The course will close at 1:00PM or when the last racers have finished each station.

We intend to hold the awards ceremony at 12:45 pm. We will announce the awards ceremony at least 15 minutes before the start so you can gather at the location to be announced. Awards will be given in several categories, including:





Spirit Award for most creative costume

The race will be modified to deal with weather issues, but it is considered a “rain or shine” race, so come ready to race in any kind of weather!


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